The magnets vary in size (between 3-5 inches height) and price (according to size).

Colors may vary slightly from appearance of scanned image.

Not all art on the site is available as magnets.

You have several options for purchase: by PayPal (secure shopping cart), mailing in a check or money order (see Order form), or by credit card (for this, email your phone number and we will call you to take the order).

Art will be shipped within 2-3 weeks, usually sooner.


Thank you.



All images copyright
Max Dashu 2000


Blessing Hand Magnets


Spiral Hamsa ::: 3.00


Allat Amulet ::: 3.00

Hand of Tanit ::: 4.00

Hamsa for Peace ::: 4.50


Teotihuacan ::: 3.50

(To be scanned)

Alabama with Rattlesnakes

(To be scanned)


Ohio Copper ::: 3.00

(To be scanned)


Stones of Hazor

(To be scanned)


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